Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well, today I spent several hours working on catching up with today's technology.   I am officially on Google Chrome and Google Plus.  Verdict on this... took some time, still have some learning to do but..... I LIKE IT!

However, I would like to comment on the typewriter generation.   Oh, the typewriter generation... days of simplicity.  You never lost a document unless you misplaced the piece of paper.  The sound of the clicking keys was kinda relaxing.  The white out key... key "X" all it took was one simple click of this key and BAM mistake is gone! Ones keyboarding skill were top notch back then.  Everyone knew what home row was!  Yes, it was not as fast yes, you did not have instant answers, yes, it was just nice and simple.  I am proud to be of the typewriter generation. 

Your thoughts?

- Just a Little of This and That. :)